Inspirational corcovado school

I was moved and inspired by my recent visit to Corcovado School, on the Osa peninsula in Costa Rica. This vibrant community of learners is a wonderful example of passion, dedication and persistence.

Surrounded by the beautiful rainforest and nearby seacoast, the school is an oasis of immersive learning, where students are encouraged to explore and strive. The curriculum is bilingual, with classes conducted in both Spanish and English – to give students tools for success while maintaining their cultural background.

Just a few years ago, the school was in danger of closing. Local business owners and other donors and volunteers – including the founders of Blue Osa yoga retreat and spa, who now serve as the school’s development director and marketing director – organized an outstanding effort for its rebirth. Thanks to their admirable investment of time and financial support, the school is now thriving and looking confidently toward further growth.

During a tour of the school, I was able to observe classes and watch the children at play, running and laughing in the school’s courtyard. Some of them were gleefully chasing an iguana, reminding me of children playing with a puppy.

I had brought books, toys and tutus from my Growing Through Arts line of educational products, and I enjoyed the chance to give these personally to one of the classes, while teachers distributed them to the other children. The children were delighted with their new books and toys and the little girls put their tutus on and left them on, in some cases until their fathers picked them up on their motorcycles!

It was wonderful to see these children’s eyes sparkle as they enjoyed their gifts, and I was grateful for the opportunity to visit them and to learn about their remarkable school.