Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth, owner of Chicago Dance Supply, speaks with Russian Pointe on the pointe shoe fitting process and the importance of carrying a wide variety of pointe shoes.
Dr Lisa Schoene, Sports Medicine Podiatrist at Gurnee Podiatry & Sports Medicine, speaks to the early signs of dance injury and how to best prevent injury in pointe.
Aleksandra Efimova, Founder & CEO of Russian Pointe, interviews April Lewis, Ballet and Dance Injury & Prevention Instructor at Chicago High School for the Arts, on how to best care for pointe shoes to ensure safety and avoid injury on pointe.
Russian Pointe Founder & CEO, Aleksandra Efimova, interviews Dr Lisa Schoene, Sports Medicine Podiatrist, about the importance of properly fitting pointe shoes for dancers.
Aleksandra Efimova, founder of Russian Pointe, interviews April Lewis, Dance Injury & Prevention and Ballet Instructor at Chicago High School for the Arts, on what she has learned from dance, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Leave the audience wanting more with Encore® pointe shoes. With a moderately tapered box and a slightly narrower cut from metatarsal to heel, Encore® pointe shoes were envisioned specially for tapered or diamond-shaped feet. Learn More - http://www.russianpointe.com/encore-u-cut-drawstring
Bold and remarkably versatile, Brava® pointe shoes will make dancers' feet exclaim, "Bravo!" The pointe shoe's toe platform is subtly rounded to facilitate a more contemporary choreographic style as well as classical pointework. And its wide to platform, best for even-length to moderately tapered toes, is specially engineered for stability.
Almaz® pointe shoes are stunningly adaptable, gorgeously flattering a variety of foot shapes. Their medium toe platform is a perfect fit for feet with moderately tapered toes. While Almaz®'s crystal satin sheen shimmers brilliantly on the outside, inside the pointe shoe works tirelessly for dancers.
The latest addition to the Spotlight Collection, Muse® pointe shoes are an inspired choice for dancers who prefer a pointe shoe with ample space in the toe. Its extra-wide toe platform and generous box are designed to comfortably fit extra-thick gel pads or feet with broad toes or three toes of the same length.
The signature Spotlight Collection pointe shoe, Lumina® is perfectly contoured to show rectangular feet in their best light. Its wide toe platform accommodates more even-length toes, while the roomy heel is suited to feet that taper only slightly from metatarsal to heel.
Based on the exceptional design, innovative construction, and universality of our best-selling Entrada® pointe shoe model, the Entrada® Pro comes with valuable options and features that dancers love and expect from modern pointe shoes.
For releves that sparkle like a gem, discover Rubin® pointe shoes. Their wide toe platform is exquisitely suited to feet with even-length to slightly tapered toes. Meanwhile, the pointe shoe's pre-arched construction mimics the shape of the foot en pointe, allowing dancers with lower arches to more easily reach their fullest pointe and alleviating pressure on the front of the foot in those with higher arches.
The brilliance of Sapfir ("sapphire") will never grow dim! From the Jewels Collection, Sapfir pointe shoes flatter the slender foot with a brilliant fit and clean lines of a pleatless platform, low crown and sleek heel, and pliable, long-lasting shanks. The medium platform size and tapered box are ideal for tapered toes and narrow feet.

12/16/2013 | Meet Aleksandra Efimova, founder and president of Russian Pointe, in this installment of SBC's monthly small business feature.

12/16/2013 | As long as there are young women discovering the world of ballet, there'll be one classically-trained dancer creating world class pointe shoes to help them grow as artists.

11/20/2011 | Aleksandra Efimova, speaks about companies Russian Pointe® and Growing Through Arts® on NBC Chicago.

2009 - "Russian Pointe Experience"

2010 - Russian TV | "Dreamers"

03/10/2011 | Nutcracker Experience with Aleksandra was all that we had hoped it would be -- a day filled with excitement, romance and luxury! 

These wonderful young dancers, ages 6-15 were chosen based on the following essays expressing what dancing means to them. Then in December 2010 these wonderful girls came to Russian Pointe and enjoyed a day filled with shoe decorating, a tour of Russian Pointe and Chicago and a limo ride to the Joffrey's spectacular Nutcracker where everyone was able to celebrate the beautiful art of ballet together in this memorable experience.