Attending the U.S.-Russian Business Council meeting

U.S.-Russian Business Council From Oct. 3-5, I had the pleasure of attending my first meeting of the U.S-Russian Business Council, an organization that is comprised of 230 U.S. companies that conduct business in Russia and a smaller number of Russian firms with U.S. interests.

This year, the organization held their annual meeting in Chicago, starting with a gala reception in the modern wing of the Art Institute of Chicago and followed by two days of breakout sessions at the Swissotel.

Some of the country’s most recognizable brands, including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Boeing, Caterpillar, and Exxon Mobile are all members of this organization, which is focused on helping companies navigate the political differences between the two countries to ease trade.

Many of the companies that are part of the organization manufacture everything from planes, to steel, to computers ― so Russian Pointe® is unique that we are one of the only clothing and retail companies represented!

One of the most memorable parts of the event was meeting Igor I. Shuvalov, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, who is one of the key political leaders in Russia. Mr. Shuvalov has taken a leading role in getting Russia to join the World Trade Organization and been a key player in Russia's modernization programs. I was extremely honored to meet both Mr. Shuvalov and his wife, and I was touched that they asked me to give them a tour of Chicago while they were here.

It is awe-inspiring to be part of such a large professional network that spans both sides of the ocean that focuses on subjects such as trade policy, energy, and health care, which can improve the trade and collaboration between the United States and Russia.

I am looking forward to attending more meetings of this forward-thinking, influential organization in the future.