Seeing Boris Efiman's new ballet, 'Rodin'

Aleksandra Efimova and Boris Eifman

Aleksandra Efimova with Judie Green of the Auditorium Theatre and other Auditorium board members

Rodin by Boris Eifman
Rodin by Boris Eifman
Last weekend, I had the special pleasure of seeing Russian choreographer Boris Eifman’s world premiere of his new ballet, “Rodin,” at the New York City Center in New York.
The ballet follows the story of French sculptor Auguste Rodin’s turbulent love affair with Camille Claudel, his mistress and muse. Set to the music of Ravel, Saint-Saens and Massenet—all contemporaries of the sculptor who lived in Paris from 1840-1917—the ballet explores themes of artistic inspiration, madness, sexual desire, and the terrible price of genius.
A native of St. Petersburg, Mr. Eifman is known for his expressionistic ballets that explore psychological themes and showcase bold, athletic, cutting-edge choreography.
In my opinion, “Rodin” is Mr. Eifman’s best ballet he has ever created. His artistic abilities shown through the passionate dancing, and I was astounded by the innovative lighting and awe-inspiring special effects.
Mr. Eifman’s bi-annual performances at Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre have brought Chicagoans a special appreciation for high-quality Russian ballet with a contemporary flair. I have had the great pleasure and honor of hosting pre-performance receptions for Mr. Eifman at the Russian Pointe Dance Boutique on several occasions, and I am proud to be able to share Mr. Eifman’s talent with so many Americans and introduce them to him in an intimate atmosphere.
During my last visit to St. Petersburg, I was delighted to learn that Mr. Eifman is in the process of opening his own ballet academy in St. Petersburg, and I am especially excited that he will have facilities that will provide the opportunity to raise the next generation of talented and technically well-trained dancers in Russia.
I am looking forward to welcoming Mr. Eifman and his company when they return to Chicago to perform “Rodin” in 2013!