How should I care for my feet for pointe work?

Dancers' feet are under a lot of pressure, especially on pointe. Appropriate foot care can help you avoid injury and discomfort. Toenails Before any fitting, class, rehearsal or performance, a dancer should attend carefully to her toenails. The nails should be trimmed so that they don't protrude beyond the flesh of the foot, but they should never be cut low enough to cause inflammation or soreness. Using a file is preferable to using scissors or a clipper, so that the length can be reached gradually, gently and precisely.

Blisters Dancers should learn their personal requirements for padding and/or taping their toes to avoid blisters and other abrasions, and should care for any injuries with appropriate foot products or by seeing a specialist.

Clean and dry Feet should be kept clean and dry to minimize growth of fungus and bacteria. Wearing pointe shoes and padding made of natural materials may help in this area.