Celebration at the Polish consulate

Aleksandra Efimova and Dan Rutherford On Jan. 17, the Polish consulate in Chicago held a reception celebrating the purchase of a Boeing Dreamliner 787 aircraft by the Polish airline LOT to establish direct flights between Chicago and Warsaw.

The event was attended up Ryszard Schnepf, Poland’s Ambassador to the United States, as well as by Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford and several other dignitaries.

I am a strong believer that cooperation between countries can not only spur economic growth, but can also help promote peace and harmony around the world, so I was especially pleased to see how the Polish and American governments and business people are trying to work together to increase economic ties.

Laura Sekhar, senior economist at Chicago’s Compass Lexecon, attended the event and felt proud about the possibility of expanded relations between the United States and Poland.

"The Polish Consulate event… was a clear success,” she said. “We were thrilled to be part of this exciting new development in the U.S.-Polish economic relations."

Unfortunately, the flights have been grounded for now due to a technical issue with the batteries, but once the planes are deemed safe to fly, I’m sure this new development will be one of many business alliances that will lead to greater interaction between both countries.