My Dance Story|December 2013

Emma Kapper's Dance Story

Emma Kapper, 14

Dussich Dance Studio

Like any young girl, of course I wanted to grow up to be a ballerina. I was put in ballet classes at my local dance studio when I was 5 years old. My first teacher, Miss Jennifer, was a sweet, kind woman and she introduced me to my love for dance. I was later able to perform in my first annual recital Winter Wonderland in 2006. My combo class performed a Thanksgiving-themed number where we were dressed as turkeys. It definitely wasn’t my favorite number, but I now look back at the old recital tapes and laugh over how adorable the dance really was. I felt like a star on stage in the tacky orange and yellow costume, gold hat, and feather tap shoe ties. I felt like a true dancer and it made dancing a part of my life as it still is today. Unfortunately, Miss Jennifer died recently of cancer, but I’m still dancing with her in my prayers.