Growing Through Arts® goes to Nepal

Zoryana in Nepal  

Zoryana in Nepal

Zoryana Yavorski with children in Nepal

Recently, I donated several Growing Through Arts® books to a local young woman, Zoryana Yavorski, who was traveling to Nepal to work with children in an orphanage.

Zoryana said when she arrived, she was shocked to see that the children sleep on filthy, thin mattresses covered in bed bugs and wake up every morning to make their own beds, clean the orphanage, take cold showers and eat the same meal twice a day.

When she presented the books, food and other donations she had brought, Zoryana said the children immediately broke into smiles. “It was as though they had hope in their eyes once again and knew that there are people out there that care about them and about what happens to them,” she said.

Zoryana said the Growing Through Arts® books were an especially huge hit among the kids. “I read them a bedtime story every night, and the kids repeatedly asked me to read the stories from your books, even though they had huge selection of other donated books,” she told me in an email.

When I wrote the Growing Through Arts® books, I knew they would inspire and bring joy to children, but I never suspected how far and wide the books would travel and whose lives they would touch.

I feel so grateful that we have been able to brighten these Nepalese children’s lives in some small way, and I commend Zoryana in her unfailing efforts to make the world a better place.