Growing Through Arts® retailer: Dance Universe

Dance Universe

Dance Universe

On May 22, 2011, Joplin, MO, was hit by a massive tornado that leveled most of the town – including the only dancewear store around for miles.

So in October 2011, Kelly Musick took it upon herself to open a new store, Dance Universe, to service the area. Today, she is thrilled to be helping dancers in her community get back on their feet again.

Kelly says the Growing Through Arts® tutus, leotards and tiaras fit in well with the other clothes for dance, cheerleading and tumbling and theatrical makeup and jewelry that she carries, and she is a huge fan of the Growing Through Arts® books, which not only teach children not about ballet terms, but also share the rich history of classical ballet.

Kelly says there is a great need in her community for arts education. “Children are not being educated [about ballet], even the ones who are in class,” she says.

She’s found that boys as well as girls are drawn to the Growing Through Arts® products. Recently, two boys were engrossed playing with the colorful, removable characters from the Ballet Series Stage Scene Play Sets while their sister shopped. “They loved the books!” she says. “I am beyond excited to have my product.”

Kelly is also planning to use the books as a marketing tool. This summer, she is hosting a reading time in the store twice a week where parents can bring their children in to listen to one of the Growing Through Arts® stories. Then she is planning to offer parents a discount on merchandise if they purchase something during the story time.

“I’m totally pumped about it,” she says.