Growing Through Arts' first trade show

This month, Growing Through Arts® premiered its line of educational books and toys at its first trade show. On July 31, I flew with Elizaveta Efimova, who illustrated the books, and team member Kat Wiersum to New York City to attend Children’s Club, which ran through Aug. 2.

Since Children’s Club is a show that specializes in high-end baby and children’s clothes and accessories, it was a great place for Growing Through Arts® to introduce its high-quality books and toys to the market.

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the books and toys from the luxury children’s boutique owners who attended the show. Several retailers opened accounts with Growing Through Arts®, and many who stopped by the booth were so enthralled with the books that they wanted to buy samples to take home to their own children!

We all worked hard at the show, and I am proud that we could kick off our new line of books and toys in such a successful way.