I Imagine Studio Wins Award for new Aleksandra Enterprises branding

I am pleased to announce that I Imagine Studio was recently recognized for their outstanding work in re-designing the Aleksandra Enterprises logo and developing a comprehensive integrated marketing plan for our company. I Imagine Studio received a platinum award for their work on the Aleksandra Enterprises project in the 2013 Hermes Creative Awards, an industry award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

Established in 1995, the Hermes Awards honor the best branding and advertising campaigns produced for companies such as Hilton Hotels, Pepsi Co., Lucasfilm, and honors advertising in a variety of forms including print, television, digital media, packaging and more.

The Aleksandra Enterprises project was recognized in the Integrated Marketing category for our new marketing plan, which included everything from a new logo, to a new purple color palate, pointe shoe boxes, store design, catalogue design and more.

The process of re-designing the Aleksandra Enterprises brand started in August 2012, when I first met with I Imagine Studio, a marketing firm based in Evanston, IL, and Santa Monica, CA. We started by defining the company’s values, mission and strategic goals, then the creative team developed a logo and color palate that would help lead the Aleksandra Enterprises brand into the future.

“Working with Aleksandra was wonderful because she has a very clear vision of what she wants,” said Olga Weiss, creative director on the project.

Our goal was to create an overall brand identity that communicates our commitment to providing the highest quality equipment to help young dancers succeed and to inspire them to be their best. We chose the color purple because we wanted a color that was both sophisticated, but also young and vibrant.

We also decided to include a wing in the design, which symbolizes flying, elevating yourself and moving to the next level ― all ideas that dancers are striving to achieve.

Within a few short months, we unveiled the new design at the end of 2012. You have probably already seen our new purple pointe shoe boxes with our beautiful new logo!

Weiss said Aleksandra Enterprises’ new integrated marketing plan stands out because of its clear vision, clean, sophisticated design and cohesive execution.

I am so proud of I Imagine's success and hope you enjoy our new look and feel.