Joining the Lyric Opera's Young Professionals Board

When I was a little girl in St. Petersburg, my parents would take me to the opera for special concerts that were designed for children. At the time, I didn’t distinguish between ballet and opera ― both could equally transport me to another place, with beautiful sets, costumes, and of course, breathtaking music. Even as an adult, I have always loved the opera. There is something magical about every performance, no matter who the composer is or what language it is being sung in.

When I moved to Chicago six years ago, one of the first things I did was get a seasonal membership to the Lyric Opera of Chicago, so I could experience high-caliber opera in my own city.

Recently, I joined the Lyric’s Young Professionals Board as a way to give back to this historic institution, as well as to meet other young people who are passionate about the arts.

As a member of the Lyric’s Junior Board, I hope to broaden the appeal of opera by introducing it to younger audiences.

It is especially gratifying to be part of the Lyric now that Renee Fleming has joined the organization as a creative consultant. Ms. Fleming, too, plans to do more to introduce younger audiences to opera by working with the Merit School of Music and by taking opera to workplaces.

I am delighted to be part of this esteemed organization, and I believe all of these initiatives will help keep opera a viable art form for generations to come.