Letters from Dancers

Yesterday, I opened up my email and received two letters from customers about how much they love Russian Pointe. Here's what they had to say: Dear Russian Pointe, I've been on pointe for two years and have been through countless pairs of shoes. I never looked forward to pointe class or rehearsal because I hated pointe. As soon as I tried on my first pair of Russian Pointes I knew these were the shoe. I love my Grandes so much; they feel amazing and look great on my feet. They turned pointe into a pleasure! I've been able to dance so much better en pointe because of my Russians. Thank you so much, Lauren S.

And here was another letter I received:

I have come to your store several times and made purchases, and the staff are always helpful and friendly. I was at the Russian Pointe Dance Boutique last Saturday with my daughter for the decorating shoe event. We came last year and have made it a yearly tradition, and afterward have afternoon tea. Thank you Russian Pointe. Danielle Cortes DeVito

What wonderful comments! Thank you so much for your feedback. We always love to hear from satisfied customers.