The Magic of Wagner’s Opera

lyric-opera-aleksandraThere’s something so magical about attending the opening night of the opera, especially at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. I love the energy I feel as the audience hushes and the lights dim. I always know I will be transported to a different time and deeply moved.

On Feb. 11, I attended the first performance of Lohengrin by Richard Wagner. Set in Antwerp, Germany, in the 10th Century, the story is about a young woman who meets the man of her dreams, a mysterious knight (sung by tenor Johan Botha), who promises to marry her and protect her as long as she never asks him what his true name is.

This was an opera I had never seen before, and the staging was spectacular. The set was majestic with medieval details and lots of golden crosses. I especially loved the lighting, which subtly changed in each scene to reflect the mood.

Although many people think I only really love ballet, the truth is I love all kinds of art – especially opera. I can’t wait to see Carmen in March!