Meeting with Senator Mark Kirk

Senator Mark Kirk and Aleksandra EfimovaOn March 7, I had the pleasure to meet with Illinois Senator Mark Kirk at The Polish Museum of America in Chicago, where he was gathering with members of his Polish Advisory Board.

Senator Kirk said he is planning to reach out to various ethnic groups in Illinois to create advisory boards that would help him understand the needs that matter to those interest groups. In addition to the Polish Advisory Board, he also plans to create an African American Advisory Board, Asian Advisory Board, Latino Advisory Board, and Russian and Eastern European Advisory Board.

The idea is that each advisory board would be comprised of a team of 20 to 25 people who would meet with Senator Kirk on a quartely basis to discuss matters that affect those ethnic groups or their corresponding countries such as immigration policy, business, trade, education, and culture.

He said if all goes well, the Russian and Eastern European Advisory Board will hold its first meeting in the summer, and I was so surprised when Senator Kirk asked if I would chair that committee!

I was so humbled and honored to be appointed to this task. I look forward to bringing these important issues to the federal level, and I hope we can find ways to strengthen our relationship with Russia and Eastern Europe and increase trade and understanding between the United States and that region of the world.