Meeting a South African dignitary

Lulama Xiangwana and Aleksandra Efimova On Oct. 25, I had the pleasure of attending a lecture hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs at the Chicago Club featuring Lulama Xingwana, the Minister for Women, Children, and People with Disabilities in South Africa.

Ms. Xiangwana spoke about the strides that South Africa has made towards women’s rights. When South Africa re-wrote its constitution in 1996, the country not only made sure that the laws were equal for all races, but also for both sexes, and today, women make up 45 percent of the elected positions in the parliament. Currently, the country is developing a Gender Equity Bill designed to encourage more women to have leadership positions in the private sector, as well.

I was especially pleased to learn that Ms. Xiangwana is also passionate about the arts, as she served as the minister of arts and culture in South Africa from 2009 to 2010.

As a female entrepreneur, it is always inspiring to meet women who are making a difference in the world, and I was humbled by Ms. Xiangwana’s commitment to helping women of future generations succeed.