River North's 'Simply Miles' is simply breathtaking

Russian Pointe Accounting Manager Sasha Danilishen attended River North Dance Chicago’s performance at the Auditorium Theatre on April 16, which included the world premiere of Simply Miles, Simply Us.

Set to the music of Miles Davis, the piece was commissioned specifically by the Auditorium Theatre on the 85th anniversary of Miles Davis’ birth and is part of the Miles Davis festival, taking place in various venues throughout the Chicago area.

Danilishen described the large ensemble piece, created by River North Artistic Director Frank Chaves, as “enthralling.”

“It reminded me of my childhood,” Danilishen said. “When I was little, my dad was listening to jazz music all the time on the radio. So jazz has always held a special place in my heart.”

Danilishen said she also liked the other three pieces that were part of the performance. The first was one of River North’s classic repertoire pieces, the second was a solo performance by one of the company’s male dancers, and the third was a fiery Latin-inspired number that incorporated elements of flamenco, salsa, and more.

“All of the dancers were beautiful,” Danilishen said. “And it is always so exciting going to the Auditorium. There is nothing quite like it!”