Russian culture in California

It’s always special for me every time I have the opportunity to celebrate what is special about Russia with people here in the United States. So I was honored that the California Russian Foundation asked me to speak at their White Nights event celebrating Russian culture at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana on June 5.

The event, which was part of a monthly series of family cultural events held at the museum, was held outside in the museum’s Spanish-style courtyard and included performances by opera singers , folk singers, folk musicians, classical musicians and ballet dancers.

As the guest of honor, I spoke to the children and their families about the importance of promoting the beauty and richness of Russia’s culture here in the United States.

Growing up in St. Petersburg, I was exposed to all different types of art, including world-famous ballets, outstanding operas, historic paintings and breathtaking architecture, and those early memories helped shape me into the person I am today.

Now, as an adult, I see the kind of positive impact that our simple ballet shoes have on a child’s life. By helping children participate in a beautiful, classical art, we are inspiring younger generation to develop important skills such as focus and discipline, and we are inspiring them to have a rich, fulfilling full of meaning and purpose.

As part of the event, I was also asked to read my book, “The Cinderella Ballet by Aleksandra℠,” from the stage. I loved when the children climbed up on the stage to sit on my lap and listen to the story! They all seemed enthralled from beginning to end.

After the reading, children created their own Faberge eggs and had their faces painted while their parents browsed through artwork.

I was sincerely touched to be asked to be the guest of honor at the event, and I felt genuinely privileged to share what I have been working on with the children and their families. I hope events like these will continue to showcase Russia’s remarkable culture around the world!