Russian journalists film at Russian Pointe

AE Russian video 2Promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation is an important goal for me, and I had an unexpected opportunity for this on July 21, when Russian journalists visited my business here in Chicago. They were here as part of a TV Co-op project through the Office of Broadcast Services, part of the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Public Affairs.

The journalists are traveling around the country for a program showcasing small businesses with unique concepts, to air in Russia and possibly the United States.

Russian Pointe was recommended to them by the City of Chicago Mayor’s Office and WorldChicago. I spoke about the history, mission and operations of Russian Pointe, and took the journalists on a tour of our offices, Boutique, warehouse and shipping department.

It is an honor that learning about my experiences with Russian Pointe could be useful for those in my home country. It is rewarding to know that small business opportunities are being supported by the Russian government and media, and that the U.S. is able to facilitate this. Projects like this one help put passion and vision into reality. AE Russian video 1