Are Russian Pointe pointe shoes good for beginners?


All dancers need pointe shoes that fit them like a glove and provide the exact right support for their individual feet and technique. For beginners, these factors might be even more important. In her first experience on pointe, the beginner needs to feel comfortable, supported and safe. To achieve that feeling, she needs a shoe that fits perfectly, in both shape and specifications like shank strength, and is of high enough quality to be durable and dependable.

The options available in Russian Pointe pointe shoes – a full selection of models with different shapes, a choice of vamp shapes and heights, and a choice of shank strengths – mean that each dancer can find a fitting almost as precise as she would in custom-made pointe shoes just for her.

For a beginner, this level of fitting can make all the difference. Pointe work is challenging at the best of times, but in an ill-fitting shoe, the dancer can easily become frustrated and find that she isn’t advancing as she would like. With a perfect fit, she is much more likely to experience success and satisfaction.