Russian Pointe® Retailer: Cordova Dancewear

Rena Vest, Cordova Dancewear

Rena Vest, owner of Cordova Dancewear in Cordova, TN, researched Russian Pointe® shoes for three years before carrying them. Now, two years later, Rena is very pleased with her decision. “I think they’re a phenomenal shoe,” she says.

Rena loves Russian Pointe® shoes because they are easy to fit on almost any customer due to the wide variety of widths, vamps, shanks and styles, and she appreciates that the company provides such detailed fitting guidelines.

Cordova Dancewear takes great care in its merchandising, arranging all leotards by color, putting tights out front where they are easy to reach, and using an entire wall to display pointe shoes.

As someone who likes things neat and tidy, Rena also appreciates that each box of Russian Pointe® shoes has the size printed on the end, making it easy to find on the shelf.

The store, which has been open since 2000, caters to about 20 to 25 dance studios in the Memphis area, including a few whose students wear Russian Pointe® shoes exclusively.

Located in a shopping mall that features two dance studios, a ballroom studio, and a fitness center, Cordova Dancewear is perfectly situated to serve many types of dancers. “We’ve got a whole little dance world going on,” Rena says.