Why sell pointe shoes in your dancewear store?

When you opened a dance supplies store, how did you decide to carry pointe shoes? If you’re like most retailers, it seemed like an obvious choice: pointe shoes are an essential item when you are offering dance shoes and dancewear. But, thinking about why you sell a product can deepen your understanding of all the aspects of selling and marketing that item.

More than anything else you sell, pointe shoes are a specialty product that brings customers to you. It’s fairly simple for dancers to mail-order dancewear, such as a leotard or tights, or even ballet slippers, once they know their sizes. But pointe shoes require such precise fitting that dancers need to work with a professional pointe fitter. Knowing that they can count on your expertise brings dancers into your store, where they are likely to purchase other dance supplies. Getting a good fit from you makes them likely to come back for future expert pointe fittings. This potential for customer loyalty is unique to pointe shoes among the products you sell.

It is clear, then, that selling pointe shoes is good for your business. But is it easy? Not always. Several factors can make it challenging to sell pointe shoes successfully.


With hundreds of pointe models and brands available, which pointe shoes should you stock? With all the variation in individual dancers’ feet and technical needs, how do you maintain a realistic pointe inventory? Answering these questions requires knowledge of exactly what each pointe model and brand has to offer, and knowledge of your individual customers’ needs.


Almost anyone can tell if a street shoe fits. In contrast, pointe shoe fitters need detailed understanding of dancing on pointe, and of how pointe shoes should fit. Before he or she can offer truly professional pointe fitting, a staff member needs comprehensive training and/or significant experience working alongside an expert pointe fitter.


Although dancers truly need professional pointe fitting throughout their training and careers, many opt for mail-order pointe shoes and discount pointe shoes in hopes of saving money. It falls to the retailer to educate dancers about why they need continued professional pointe fittings and the high-quality pointe models you offer. To establish and maintain customer loyalty, you need to make their experience with you clearly valuable as well as pleasant and enjoyable.

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