A sneak peek at The Music Series

When I first envisioned creating my new company, Growing Through Arts®, I knew I wanted to introduce children to all types of art, not just ballet. Music can be captivating and deeply moving, and with The Music Series of books and toys, I hope to bring the world of music to life for children by teaching them about various genres and introducing them to musical vocabulary words.

Our first three books in the series will be The Peter & the Wolf Symphony by Aleksandra®, The Snow Maiden Opera by Aleksandra® and Twist, A Musical by Aleksandra®.

Currently we’re editing and fine-tuning the books, but we’re so proud of them we couldn’t wait to share a few of the adorable illustrations! Meet our newest characters:

Peter, from The Peter & the Wolf Symphony by Aleksandra® The Peter & the Wolf Symphony by Aleksandra

Peter is a brave boy who goes on a courageous adventure with his animal friends in this beloved symphony by Prokoviev.

Snowmaiden, from The Snow Maiden Opera by Aleksandra® The Snow Maiden Opera by Aleksandra

In this famous opera, a beautiful and gentle fairy is sent to earth to live among humans and in inspired by Lel, a handsome singer.

Ozzie, from Twist, A Musical by Aleksandra®

Ozzie, a shy boy who is understudying for the part of Oliver in his school production of Oliver Twist, gets his chance to shine in this heart-warming story.

Stay tuned for more developments in the next few months!