Why we host seminars...

What goes into hosting a successful, memorable and exciting seminar at Russian Pointe?  Hundreds of hours of preparation – from arranging a delicious menu at Russian Tea Time, a restaurant across from the Art Institute of Chicago, to making hotel arrangements at the newly remodeled Allerton Hotel on Michigan Avenue; from producing and publishing our 64-page Fitting Manual, a truly unique and remarkably complete resource, to videotaping a 45-minute fitting video; from rehearsing with fitting models to briefing Russian Pointe staff on our goals and objectives for seminars. Why we do it? Of course, we hope that seminars will ultimately lead to an increase in customer loyalty and sales, and we certainly enjoy such personal interaction with our retailers (not to mention a delicious dinner with champagne!). But, the real reason, for me, is to realize that Russian Pointe makes a difference in people’s lives – both on and off the stage.

Please watch the video from our most recent seminar (November 2009) and hear heart-touching stories about becoming more empowered, confident and successful as a result of affiliation with Russian Pointe.

Thank you for making Russian Pointe a part of your world!