Focusing on Strengths Leads to Success

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A couple of days ago I was a speaker Neal Gerber Eisenberg on innovation. One of the questions I was asked is if I ever felt disadvantaged being a woman. This story came to my mind:

Many years ago I wanted a chihuahua. I went to breeder and saw more chihuahuas than tourists on Michigan Ave. They lady had little dogs everywhere and they were so cute! They were all happily running around but I noticed that there was one chihuahua with only 2 back legs. She was born without front legs. That little dog ran and played on her back legs with her dozens sisters and brothers, occasionally would fall down, pull herself back up and ran again. I realized that the dog doesn’t know it was supposed to be different and made the best of what she has.

When I started my career as Entrepreneur 21+ years ago, 20 year old student, speaking English barely 4 years of my life - I didn’t know that being a young, woman immigrant could be a disadvantage. And even if I did - I couldn’t change it, just like that chihuahua. We have come a long was as a society on women’s equality. There are still things we can’t change. However this story with chihuahua is a reminder to me that despite numerous challenges, obstacles and “limitations” – keep moving forward and focus on strengths instead of weaknesses.

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