Guest Speaking at Kendall College: “Doing Business Internationally”

It is always a pleasure to share my professional experience with younger generations. So when invited by Valerie Beck, professor of Kendall College to be a guest speaker for an international business class, I graciously accepted.

With a captive audience, I spoke to the importance of having visions and goals in life and being open to new learning experiences. I explained that simply reading textbooks on marketing and business development is not enough. Applying your knowledge in real life is what really counts. Having a high quality product is only one piece to the puzzle. Identifying opportunities, establishing a strong foundation for the business, conducting proper market research and analysis, and putting the right systems and processes in place, these are the critical components that can’t be taken out of the equation. I concluded with the importance of learning how to create and have more than one action plan in place, because entrepreneurship is a non-stop job.

Here’s what a few students had to say:

"Ms. Efimova is a great motivation and inspiration for future business women, and a great example of how hard work pays off."
"Her storytelling was outstanding, and she gave some very precious pieces of advice that will help us to create the future we want.”
"My favorite quest speaker was Aleksandra Efimova. Honestly, after her speech I felt so inspired and so motivated.”

This sort of feedback is priceless! If my speech made a difference in someone’s life, then my goal was achieved. It was a pleasure to be back at Kendall College. Thank you for inviting me!

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