Do's and Don'ts when Traveling to Asia



Discoveries and travel adventures are one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences and memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Sometimes, when traveling to a different part of the world it is good to know the do’s and don’ts of that particular region. I would like to share with you my do’s and don’ts when traveling to Asia.


Let’s start with the fun part, the “Do’s”


1.     Get a Good Night’s Sleep on the Flight

With a 12+ hour time difference it is hard to adjust, but getting a jump start during the flight will increase your chances of being more alert and productive the first days in Asia. Unlike some travelers, I fall asleep shortly after I buckle up.... sometimes even before the flight takes off (some consider it lucky). If you need help falling asleep, try some natural sleeping remedies – My favorites include Melatonin and Sleep Through.

2.     Bring Power Bars and Healthy Snacks

Traveling, especially to international locations puts us off the regular schedule. Healthy nutrition is a key for productive and enjoyable trips. I love Asian food but sometimes local food might be too different from your usual diet – bright a healthy snack that you are familiar with. I like Human Food Bar and organic, unroasted/unsalted almonds.

3.     Try Local Teas

I love teas, and traveling through Asia is tea heaven! Especially lovely are their tea houses with long, calming, Zen tea ceremonies. When was the last time you had luxury for an hour-long tea service? Savor every moment!

4.     Visit Local Markets

Local markets give us insights on customs, traditions and unique recipes of the area. Many markets also have kiosks where sellers cook food – a trip to the market can turn into a delicious lunch!


The Don’ts:


1.     Don’t Assume

Don’t expect Asia to work, do and accommodate what we are used to in the United States. There are many things I am always pleasantly surprised with – impeccable service, elegant accommodations, charming gardens. But each country in Asia has its own traditions, business practices and expected behaviors. Respect them!

2.     Don’t Expect Everybody to Speak English

Although English is widely spoken worldwide, on many occasions in Asia I found myself in restaurants, markets and shops where nobody spoke English. Learn a few words in the area’s native language on the plane and be comfortable using hand gestures for communication. 

3.     Don’t Walk Around Looking and Acting Clueless

Most likely, you will already stand out from the crowd in Asia, but walking around looking and acting clueless is a dead giveaway for a tourist. Use basic logic – keep your bags closed, get directions from your hotel (rather than stepping out of the hotel and opening a map), don’t cross the street unless there is a pedestrian walk (drivers in many countries are not as courteous as drivers in America). All of these things will keep you safer and calmer!

4.     Don’t Forget to Bring a Souvenir From Home

Bring a small souvenir from your home country – your friends and business colleagues will appreciate this kind gesture and learn something new about your culture!


Embrace the culture, try new foods, and hike new mountains with an open heart and mind and you will have the experience of a lifetime! Regardless of the country you choose to travel to in Asia, don’t forget to enjoy every bit of being there. Wishing you unforgettable moments that will take your breath away! Off to new adventures!