5 Lessons from my White Water Rafting Trip in Patagonia, Chile

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In January 2016 I signed up for a “vacation” which turned into a physically and mentally challenging adventure that tested my strength, character and integrity while we battled rough waters. I traveled with Earth River Expeditions to Futaleufu River.  Here are a few life lessons from my adventures:

  1. Team work is important. Each member of the raft counts on you as much as you count on them to conquer the rapids safely. The same in life and in business – team depends on each other.

  2. If you are afraid to get wet – stay home. What does it mean in “real life?” If you are afraid of rejection, of failure, of setbacks – don’t expect the thrill of success and accomplishment.

  3. Trying new things is the most fulfilling adventure – it was my first white water rafting trip. Scary? Yes… I even cried for over an hour how scared I was. But the experience of trying new things built my character for new challenges & adventures.

  4. Be prepared. Mentally, physically, and with equipment. Part of success and enjoyment in life is being prepared.

  5. Have a mentor to help you. On a rafting trip it would be your guide. In life – find people you respect, admire and look up to – to guide you through rough waters of life.

Happy traveling and cheers to new discoveries!