Daley Rallies 2016 Bid Before Departing for Denmark

It was a great honor to stand next to Mayor Richard Daley at today's press conference and Olympic rally at Washington Park on the South Side, just before we leave for Copenhagen for Chicago's final push for the 2016 summer Olympics. Although I have lived here only four years, I am truly proud to be a Chicago resident. As a member of the Outreach Advisory Council of Chicago 2016, it has been a pleasure to contribute to enhancing, beautifying and elevating the city.

As I prepare to board a chartered flight to Copenhagen in less than 72 hours, I look forward to keeping you updated on the presentations (including First Lady Michelle Obama's speech) and the decision of the International Olympic Committee.

You can share in this historic occasion by watching the decision live at Daley Plaza right here in Chicago!

LIVE WATCH RALLY Friday, October 2, 9 am Daley Plaza

*First 10,000 people to attend will receive a free T-shirt.*

For more details: www.chicago2016.org