Departing for Copenhagen with Chicago2016 delegation and Olympians

Aleksandra with Chicago's First Lady Maggie Daley As I waited to depart for Copenhagen last night, I thought, "With energy like this we don't need fuel to fly - the passengers' excitement could carry us!" Airport gate C18 was totally festive - music, media, food, champagne, Maggie Daley and many Olympians. I met so many people I know, and felt so thrilled to be part of this mission, representing the USA, Chicago and the arts community during the next few days. I've never experienced a flight like this one (chartered). At one point Olympian Diane Simpson was showing gymnastic moves in the aisle! (I'll be escorting Diane, a medallist in rhythmic gymnastics, to the press conference.) The festivities continued on our arrival, with everyone in the delegation wearing orange "Chicago 2016" T-shirts and blue jackets. There is an incredible sense of unity, partnership and team spirit in the air. After landing, we headed to the Admiral Hotel, to prepare for the press conference and sport demonstrations in local athletic clubs. Stay connected here and on Twitter and I'll update you as it happens!