How do you start the day in the Olympic spirit...

How do you start the day in the Olympic spirit after waking up in Copenhagen on a bright and sunny morning? With a Chicago 2016 Fun Run!  Click to here view photo

On our second day here, over 200 degation members, led by the Olympic champions who are our athlete ambassadors, joined for a 3K run through downtown Copenhagen. Wearing bright orange shirts with Chicago 2016 logos, we ran on the beautiful streets of this historic city, passing the Marriott Hotel (where the IOC members are staying), waving to city residents and cheering "Chicago 2016!" over and over again.

Reporters from all Chicago, U.S. and international stations followed the runners by car and on foot, taping this exciting event and taking interviews from delegates. Soon, I found myself talking to a reporter from Fox 2 News, about what a phenomenal and powerful energy Chicago residents bring to the Olympic experience, and how proud and privileged we are to be residents of Chicago, a city led by the visionary Mayor Daley.

Exciting update: Michelle Obama has arrived, and we have received the announcement that President Obama will travel to Copenhagen on Thursday evening! Read coverage on the Obamas in Copenhagen and view more Fun Run photos.

Coffee with Oprah

Finally, guess who I ran into as we were going to shop at the Royal Copenhagen store! Oprah was out to enjoy a cup of coffee at the cafe next door.