My Dance Story | November 2013

Connor Hamilton, age 11 Salt Creek Ballet

My dance story began when I was two years old.  My dad, who inspires me to work hard, had been a ballet dancer so he signed me up for my first class when I was two years old.

My favorite thing about dancing when I was little was entertaining everyone with dances I made up on the spot. I still like to choreograph my own dances but I really enjoy learning more challenging choreography from some of the amazing teachers I’ve had.

I remember my first tutu I had to wear in class when I was two – I didn’t like it at all!  After much crying and complaining, my teacher finally let me wear a skirt instead of that scratchy tutu and after that I loved my classes.

My first performance was in my school’s recital and I got to dance with my dad.  I am eleven years old now and I train six days a week and I love every minute.

This year, I won first place at Youth America Grande Prix in Indianapolis and I wore a beautiful tutu.  I’m going to YAGP again next year and can’t wait to get my new tutu and of course, a new pair of Russian Pointe Entradas.