On Your Toes Anniversary Celebration

At Russian Pointe®, we are thrilled whenever our retailers expand their businesses and take steps towards the future. We try to do everything we can to ensure that our retailers’ continue to prosper and thrive.

That’s why we were excited to celebrate the success of On Your Toes Dancewear in Peabody, MA, which recently moved to a new, larger store.

“It was quite a journey,” owner Laynie Terban said of the move.

Terban opened On Your Toes in Revere, MA, in 1986, when she was 22 years old. She then moved the store to Peabody in 1995, and last Thanksgiving, moved the store again to a new, nearly 5,000 square foot location about four miles away. Terban said the increased space and heightened visibility of her new store has brought in droves of customers she hasn’t seen before, and profits have soared.

On Nov. 9, Terban hosted a lavish event to thank her customers and celebrate the one-year anniversary of the new store, and Aleksandra Efimova, president of Russian Pointe®, was proud to be able to attend. “We are honored and privileged to have been working with On Your Toes as a retailer for so many years,” Aleksandra said. “We wish them the very best in their endeavors.”

More than 360 dancers, parents, dance teachers and others attended the event, which featured a harpist playing as customers entered the store and ballet dancers dressed in Nutcracker tutus passing out purple cupcakes, non-alcoholic champagne and brownies decorated with tiny ballerinas.

In addition, customers received a special shopping discount and had a chance to win prizes, including Russian Pointe® water bottles, T-shirts and souvenirs.

During the event, Aleksandra gave personalized pointe shoe fittings and also signed autographs and took pictures with many young dancers.

Terban said having Aleksandra attend was like having a celebrity in the store. “It was very exciting and the children loved that,” she said, adding that dancers were lined up to receive a personalized fitting from Aleksandra. “She was busy the entire time.”

Lori Terban, Laynie’s sister and the store’s manager, agreed. “We were so thrilled to have Aleksandra here. It just made the event,” she said. “It was so great to have our customers have the opportunity to meet the person who makes the shoes.”

Laynie Terban said she loves carrying Russian Pointe® shoes because of their elegant styling. “It’s so precise in the break of the arch of the foot,” Terban said. “They’re so beautiful. When I go to any performances, I’m always looking at the dancers’ feet, and I can always tell when they’re in Russian Pointe®.”