Dance teacher brings student to Russian Pointe Dance Boutique

Miss Debbie When some people have spring break, they have their sights set on going on a cruise or relaxing in sunny Mexico.

But when Debbie Almohandis, a dance teacher and dancewear store manager in Tulsa, OK, realized she and one of her favorite students had spring break the same week, she knew where she wanted to go: The Russian Pointe Dance Boutique.

Ms. Almohandis and her student, Allison Soper, 18, and Allison’s mother all flew to Chicago and were so excited to visit Russian Pointe’s flagship store on Michigan Avenue.

Ms. Almohandis, who is the manager of Quest Dance Shop in Tulsa and teaches ballet at Footprints Dance Studio, says she has been a loyal Russian Pointe customer ever since she was introduced to the shoes more than 10 years ago.

“I have danced all of my life… and I still cannot find another shoe on the market that compares to their shoes,” she says. “They are truly some of the best handcrafted shoes that I have had on my feet.”

Ms. Almohandis says she loves the demi-flex shanks, which are excellent in helping dancers break in their shoes, and she says almost all of her dancers wear Russian Pointe shoes exclusively.

When the three arrived at the store, they were impressed with the elegant boutique and expert shoe fitting they received, and Ms. Almohandis bought Allison a new pair of Brava pointe shoes as a parting gift.

“We had a wonderful time meeting all of you face to face!” Ms. Almohandis says. “You have a lovely boutique, and I would make the trip all over again tomorrow if time permitted!”