Russian Pointe® retailer: Prima Dancewear

Glenda Ward Glenda Ward, owner of Prima Dancewear in Laurel, MD, is a huge fan of Russian Pointe® shoes.  “We love the quality and also the ability to customize the shoe to suit a variety of needs,” she says.

In 2007, Ward bought Prima Dancewear, which had been in business in Laurel for more than 20 years.

At the time, Ward, an IT consultant, had a dance background but didn’t know much about fitting pointe shoes. So in 2008, she flew to Chicago to attend a retailer seminar at the Russian Pointe Dance Boutique, where she enjoyed dinner with Aleksandra and went through an extensive training session learning all about Russian Pointe’s signature method of fitting pointe shoes.

Ward said the expert training she received at Russian Pointe® was invaluable. “It’s definitely a fine art, which is why we appreciated Russian Pointe,” she says.

It’s hard to diagnose how pointe shoes fit on dancers who have never worn them before, but Ward says Russian Pointe® makes it easy by suggesting ways to explain proper fit to customers. “We got general tips to help them articulate how it should fit,” she says.

Ward also appreciates the comprehensive training materials the company provides, which she uses to train her staff.

Today, Prima Dancewear sells all of the basic clothes and shoes required for ballet, tap, jazz and modern, as well as a small supply of cheerleading and gymnastics apparel. In addition, Prima Dancewear specializes in liturgical dance — a popular activity in her community, which is home to many large churches.

Ward, herself, is involved in the dance ministry at her church, and she both teaches and performs with her church’s dance group.

“It’s a perfect opportunity to use a love and a passion to worship,” she says.