What does a parent need to know about pointe?

Whether your daughter is about to go on pointe or has been on pointe for a while, it’s a good idea for you to educate yourself about pointe shoes, pointe training and how to stay safe and healthy on pointe. The Parents’ Pointe Guide section of the Russian Pointe blog has a wealth of introductory information for you! Russian Pointe also produces a beautiful booklet, Parents’ Guide to Beginning Pointe, which is available from Russian Pointe and many dance retailers. You will also want to explore the other sections of the Russian Pointe blog and other resources, to learn about pointe fitting, pointe work and pointe models. You can also find deeper background information about pointe shoe fitting in the Retail Affiliate Learning Pages.

You want your daughter’s experience on pointe to be richly satisfying and rewarding, as well as healthy and safe. We hope that you enjoy exploring all the resources we have created to help ensure that she – and you – will have the best experience possible!