Why is going on pointe such an important event?

For a young dancer, buying her first pointe shoes is a momentous occasion. As their training progresses, dancers eagerly – even impatiently – await this moment. They know that beginning pointe work is a milestone, a sign of artistic maturation. And nothing can match the thrill of putting on that first pair of beautiful, pink satin shoes!

In the midst of this excitement, it’s important to remember that starting pointe is not a step to be taken lightly. To dance safely on pointe, a dancer needs careful technical preparation, adequate strength and development, and a pair of pointe shoes that has been professionally fitted to match her unique foot shape and individual technique.

Before your child begins pointe work, take some time to get to know all the factors involved. Read the Q&A in the “Info for Parents” section of this blog, or in Russian Pointe’s publication Parents' Guide to Beginning Pointe, to find answers to the most frequently-asked questions about pointe readiness and finding the right shoes for your young dancer.