Speaking at the Women's Innovation Network

Women's Innovation Network Women's Innovation Network

As a woman entrepreneur, I am passionate about helping other women start their own business and follow their dreams.

So I was especially honored when the Women’s Innovation Network – a networking group dedicated to fostering business growth for women entrepreneurs through innovation, inclusion, and inspiration, in a positive and ethical environment – invited me to speak to them on Oct. 18.

About 15 women entrepreneurs attended the event, which was held at Furla, a luxury handbag store on Oak Street in Chicago, where they had a chance to connect with each other and enjoy a little private shopping.

During my presentation, I told the attendees about how I started Russian Pointe as a young college student, going door to door to dancewear retail stores selling pointe shoes manufactured in Russia. Since then, I have expanded to form one of the most well-respected pointe shoe brands in the United States, selling thousands of pointe shoes all across the country. Over the last 15 years, I have learned how important it is for business owners to adapt in response to customers’ need and to continually use our creativity to develop new products and innovations.

“Aleksandra is a star! She gave a warm and heartfelt talk to the Women's Innovation Network (WIN) on obstacles she has overcome in her business and on triumphs she has achieved,” said Valerie Beck, founder of the Women’s Innovation Network. “Aleksandra's message was important and inspiring for other entrepreneurs because through sharing her entrepreneurial journey, she reminded us that whatever we set our minds to do, we can accomplish our goals through belief, decision, and persistence, with a dash of humor.”

Robyn Rice-Foster, owner of La Parisianne du Chocolat Company and a member of WIN, said she was moved by my story. “Aleksandra’s speech was truly inspirational,” she said. “She had a dream, a vision and she made her dreams come to life by being determined and believing in herself.”

After my presentation, I met with spoke with many of the women who attended and answered questions about how they, too, can pursue their passions. And of course, I couldn’t help but do a little shopping at the fabulous Furla store!

I hope that I was able to inspire some women as they start on their journey to become successful business owners, and I look forward to being able to participate in more Women’s Innovation Network events in the future.