Trunk show at DanceMax

Russian Pointe trunk show

On Oct. 19, Russian Pointe® hosted a special trunk show at DanceMax Dancewear in Marietta, GA.

The entire day was filled with endless pointe shoe fittings as fans of Russian Pointe® flocked to the store for the chance to be fitted by a Russian Pointe® expert and try on all of the different models.

Located in a 5,400-square foot, standalone facility, DanceMax prides itself on its vast inventory of pointe shoes, which owner Lorna Handy says enables her to make sure that no customer ever leaves because she can’t find the right shoe.

Currently, DanceMax carries several types of Russian Pointe®s, including the Rubin, Safir, Brava, Entrada and a few pairs of the Encore and Muse, and store employees say the Entrada is the most popular Russian Pointe® model they sell.

To expose the store and its customers to the rest of the Russian Pointe® line, team member Megan Bentz brought out several pairs of the Lumina and Entrada Pro for dancers to try on, showing them how they differ from the other Russian Pointe® models.

Unlike some trunk shows, where dancers are often trying on Russian Pointe® shoes for the first time, most of the dancers who attended the DanceMax trunk show were already fans of the Russian Pointe brand and were thrilled to meet someone from the company.

As Bentz gave a personalized fitting to each dancer, she was pleased to discover that most of the dancers were already wearing the perfect shoe for their foot. “It really spoke well of their pointe shoe fitters,” Bentz said. “In terms of their fitting staff, they were really knowledgeable.”

One of the best parts of the day was when a dancer came into the store looking for Russian Pointe®s because she had just been to another store where she couldn’t find the right pointe shoe for her small foot. When Bentz overheard the customer, Bentz offered to give her a personalized fitting and was able to fit her in a pair of Russian Pointe® shoes.

“She got really excited when I told her I had her size,” Bentz said.

If you are interested in hosting a Russian Pointe® trunk show or pointe shoe fitting in your dancewear retail store, please contact Megan Bentz at