Exploring Restaurants of Chicago


Over the last couple months, regardless of my busy schedule and getting ready for the event of the year: The Eurasian Business Forum and Firebird Gala, I tried as much as possible to enjoy little moments of serenity by exploring some of Chicago’s hidden restaurant gems.

I would like to share with you two of my favorites!

First is Sumi Rabota Bar. Upon walking in, I was warmly greeted by co-founder Bella Victoria with a smile and big hug. Together with Chef Gene Kato they created an exceptional Japanese dining experience. This restaurant uses authentic Japanese grilling techniques and creatively presents natural food that tastes so delicious you can’t help going back! They offer a variety of dishes with traditional hot and cold Japanese appetizers. And yes, I order their chilled tofu appetizer every time! 

The second restaurant I had a great experience at, and has just recently opened, is called Tanoshii. It is a great place, especially for vegetarians. Chef Mike is a true master of his cuisine. His creation that fascinated me not only by creativity, but taste as well, was sushi with olive oil and oregano. And the best part about this restaurant? There is no menu! You simply tell the chef what you like, and he creates for you an individual masterpiece. I highly recommend you check this place out, you will not regret it. Chef Mike’s sushi is the closest I’ve come to authentic Japanese sushi in Chicago.

If you want to explore something new and exciting, I recommend you try these restaurants. I am positive you will have a great experience as well.

Aleksandra EfimovaComment