A Taste of the Russian Capitals

Visiting Russia is always exciting, especially when you get to introduce your American friends to true Russian cuisine prepared with fresh, organic ingredients. Let me give you a gastronomic food tour of the Russian capitals!


There is no better way to start a day of Moscow explorations than a power breakfast. My favorite Russian breakfast food – sirnicki, and I must admit that St. Regis Hotel in Moscow knows how to make them just right with mulberry jam and sour cream…perfectly matched with a cup of coffee! If you are looking for a lavish breakfast, try their honeycomb. To experience a stylish breakfast, try caviar, a signature dish in top Russian hotels. We put it on crapes, bread, crackers and sometimes just eat it alone!

Where can you find delicious fresh berries with the smell of the forest? Or juices from childhood? GUM grocery store knows how to attract their customers. I can’t think of any other place that could compete with their product presentation. So amazing!

Bosco Bar is a must for lunch. With beautiful outdoor views, you can take in Red Square and Kremlin while indulging in delicious salad Olivie and freshly baked black bread. This is the ultimate Russian lunch experience to have when in Moscow!

For dinner, I love paying a visit to the countryside of Moscow. A restaurant called Czarskaya Ohota, Imperial Hunting Restaurant resides here, and they fill signature “telega” (a four-wheel horse-drawn vehiclewith traditional Russian dishes. 

St. Petersburg

My hometown of St. Petersburg has so many hidden “gems”, when it comes to food, that there’s not enough space or time to share details of each, so I will instead highlight a few of my favorites. Olivie is a famous Russian salad prepared for all holidays, and sometimes just because. Every family has its own tip on how to make it perfect! One restaurant in St. Petersburg includes caviar and quail egg and wraps it with smoked salmon. I am guilty of eating Olivie almost every day when in Russia!

What do you think of when offered a slice of pie? In Russia, there’s a pie for every taste and preference: filled with berries, meat, egg/green onion, turkey and more. Delicious!

Another must-have, native to St. Petersburg, is korushka – a special fish prepared with a touch of rosemary and lemon juice. Eating korushka is a once in a lifetime experience when visiting the northern capital of Russia!

Ryba na Dache, a casual chic restaurant in a natural setting with excellent food, is sure to satisfy any foodie! Their Russian salad Olivie is prepared with beets, ground walnuts and herbs, and herring spread over black bread. They also have fantastic grilled meat, which brings back sweet memories of grilling on our summer house "dacha". Ryba na Dache’s presentation of a blueberry pie in a cup is unique and spectacular! Another great creation by Chef Aram - one of the best restauranteurs in Russia!

Lastly, make sure to visit Café Beze before leaving St. Petersburg for mouthwatering desserts you won’t find anywhere else. They go just perfect with a cup of Russian Tea! 

Bon Voyage! Thank you for taking this “Taste of Russia” tour with me. My advice: you must try it on your own!