My 5 Tips For Staying Focused When Working Remotely


With summer's nice weather around the corner, people tend to escape the work place earlier than clock-out time or spend more of their days working remotely. It is completely understandable, since most of us are craving nice weather after the cold of winter, but how do you stay focused and maintain work performance when given the opportunity to work remotely?


Here are five ways that work for me!


Tip 1: Establish A Daily Routine


When working remotely, the constraint of a schedule is a major creativity killer. However, a daily routine is not your minute to minute schedule. Even if your desk is only a few steps from your bed, a morning shower and dressing up as if you were going to the office can set your mood for a productive day. You don’t need to necessarily be “glued” to the computer, phone or other device, but having the right attitude is always a positive and motivating factor.


Tip 2: Set Daily Goals


Setting daily goals keeps you focused on ongoing tasks. Daily goals work even better when you divide them into morning and afternoon goals! When working remotely, you're often hours ahead or behind the office, which can slow or expedite the execution of certain task...Use this factor to your advantage!


Tip 3: Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time


The idea of managing your energy versus time not only takes pressure away and keeps you sane, but it also makes the thought process more exciting and inspirational. The flow of fresh ideas and effective energy will fuel your work and can take your performance to a completely new level.


Tip 4: Communicate and Collaborate


When working remotely, sometimes you can feel “left out”, and that can automatically affect mood, productivity and the outcomes of your job. Therefore, it is important to communicate with co-workers. Call them if you have a message or question, don’t just e-mail. Check in with your supervisors and attend weekly calls, even if you don’t necessarily report. It will make you feel like part of the team, rather than an outsider that no one knows.



Tip 5: Maintain Work/Life Balance


In order to reach work/life balance, let your colleagues know your working hours. Take a break for lunch. Yes it is convenient to eat in front of a computer and reply to e-mails, but that gives you no mental break, therefore you are in the same mode (good or bad). Walk to Starbucks for coffee or just pause for 15 minutes and enjoy the sunshine. Whichever break you choose, don’t forget to take it. You will be surprised how fast you can finish certain tasks after the break.