My 5 Tips for Successful Networking


Successful networking is a crucial part of life. As a business owner, the right network is a driving force that can help develop new business. I would like to share five tips for successful networking. These things help me a great deal to achieve my goals, and I hope you find them useful as well!


Tip 1: Volunteer


Hold volunteer positions with organizations of interest to stay up to date on information, events and opportunities.


Tip 2: Ask Open-Ended Questions


Asking open-ended questions is an art, in a way. If you don’t know how, it’s a great skill to learn that can really help boost networking conversations. What, where, and why questions typically result in yes or no responses. However, open-ended questions prompt people to talk for longer periods of time, providing more in depth answers.


Tip 3: Become A Resource To Others Within Your Business Community


Connecting people is a great way to keep yourself top of mind. It makes you a resource for great contacts, ideas, etc. People you’ve helped are also more open-minded to helping you in the future! It is a win-win situation.


Tip 4: Be Confident


Confidence takes practice. It comes from clear vision and understanding of who you are, what your business is trying to achieve, what community you are serving, and, most importantly, why you are best at it. If you are confident within these line, you will automatically project confidence on the success of you and your business.


Tip 5: Don’t Forget A Simple “Thank You”


A simple “thank you” is easily forgotten nowadays, but it is so important and needed. A “thank you” callback, note or e-mail to those who have helped or expressed interest in helping you is vital, and will help you stand out in their minds from all the mediocracy of networking.