Architecture and People of Bhutan

Traveling around the world opens your mind to diversity, it helps you to see events, places and people through the prism of life. It gives you an appreciation for what you have and gratefulness for every given day. This is exactly how I felt visiting Bhutan, a small country with a population of approximately 773,600 people, landlocked in the Himalayan Mountains. Before arriving, I could not have imaged what actually awaited me.


Bhutan is filled with the breathtaking Tibetan traditions of Buddhist architecture, that has roots dating back centuries. One examples of it is the Dzong architectural style; fortresses that have served as religious and administrative centers since the 17th century. More traditional in stature, Bhutanese homes are often made from multi-colored wooden frames with small arched windows and sloping roofs. Both were unique to see!


Another part of Bhutan that touched my heart were the people. Walking down the streets and experiencing “true” life, not what's advertised in glossy magazines, gives you completely different perspective on a country. From my time in Bhutan, here's what I discovered to be true about the people. There is nothing fancy about their lifestyle, they work hard to make a living. Some work the fields collecting crops, some are working in forestry, some sell at the street market, but regardless of the hardships, everyone is making the best of what they have and enjoying their lives. Every person has his/her own story, every face is embracing and resonates so many emotions and feelings. Just look into their eyes. You feel pity when you see a child wearing tattered clothing, and you wonder how it is even possible to have such an enormous gap in our society?! Nevertheless, I must say it's these children who wore the happiest sincerest smiles. They enjoy their lives, without complaint, but with open hearts. I believe we can learn a lot from them (and I did) – time we've lost and forgotten, appreciation... I will leave you here and let you explore Bhutan through its people and the images I took in my time there….