Meditation was something I was tempted to try for a long time, but for some reason never did. I knew of what it entailed, which is turning your attention to a single point of reference, whether it's breath or body sensation. And although it is complicated to do, it is very beneficial. Meditation tunes you in to yourself and the present moment, and wards off toxic, distracting thoughts. Just recently, I decided to give it a try and explore what it has to offer.


In June, I attended an afternoon of meditation at Trump Tower. It was not just your usual meditation, but guided meditation by Venerable Bhante Sujatha, the abbot of Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple & Meditation Center. It was a truly unforgettable experience which entailed sharing peace and love on a beautiful Chicago summer afternoon. I must admit that busy minds need mindfulness practice, it definitely reduced my tension. Sometimes we all just need to slow down and breathe…. Namaste.